scottbwphotoScott Solomon grew up in Richmond, Virginia.  He graduated from St. Christopher’s School, Harvard University, and the Medical College of Virginia.  Mrs. Dunnington (Ginter Park Elementary), Mr. Rudd (St. C), Professor Bate (Harvard), and Professor Vlahcevic (MCV) were among his favorite teachers.

While practicing medicine in Illinois, Scott took up writing under the tutelage of another cherished mentor, Elaine Fowler Palencia, and the Red Herring Fiction Workshop.  He also volunteered as a tutor, helping adult learners pass the GED through East-Central Illinois programs sponsored by Parkland College, the Urbana Adult Education Center, and the Champaign Urban League.

After his relocation to Raleigh, North Carolina, Scott continued to write and publish fiction (as documented at ScottSolomon.com).  He also resumed tutoring by way of Wake Technical Community College and tackled a nonfiction assignment: putting down in words what he gleaned in the course of getting people geared up for the GED.  In so doing, he wrote an online book, HowtoPasstheGED.com, which provides free study materials for seekers of a high school equivalency credential.

As with his four completed marathons, Scott finishes what he starts.

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