Detailed information about the Science module can be obtained via the GED Testing Service and its MyGED program.

Running 90 minutes (without a break), Science consists of only one section.
Two questions ask for an answer of approximately one paragraph that should take you approximately ten minutes to write apiece.

Science tests the following skills:
(1) Knowledge of content areas: life science (40%), physical science (40%), and
Earth and space science (20%).
(2) Ability to read, understand, and interpret science-related texts.
(3) Problem-solving abilities in science-related situations.

Like Reasoning Through Language Arts, Science emphasizes reading comprehension.  The required reading is usually shorter, however, and can be associated with graphs, charts, tables, diagrams, and maps.  In general terms, the reading delves into the themes of human health, living systems, and energy.

Although some background information is helpful, your ability to comprehend the essentials—Main Idea, DetailInference—from what you are given to read is more important for answering questions than tapping into an encyclopedic memory.

In essence, you are being tested on your ability to read, reason, and think things through.

Science also tests for the ability to integrate reading and writing by way of its
two 10-minute Short Answer questions.  After reading a short passage, you will be asked to respond in one of two ways: Explanation or Experiment.  In an Explanation, you are asked to explain an aspect of a reading passage.  In an Experiment, you are asked to devise an experiment based on a reading passage.  Because of time constraints, your written response for an Explanation or an Experiment should be short, quick, and to the point.

The TI-30XS MultiView Calculator, the official on-screen calculator of the GED, might be needed for some questions on the Science test.  As a supplement to the on-screen calculator, you should bring your own handheld calculator for use in the test.  Like the
on-screen calculator, your handheld calculator must be a TI-30XS Multiview Scientific Calculator.  No other brand of handheld calculator is allowed.

You should purchase the TI-30XS MultiView Calculator for practicing and studying prior to the test.  The TI-30XS MultiView Calculator is available for under $20.00 from many vendors, including AmazonBest BuyOffice DepotStaples, and Walmart, to name a few.

Life Science
• Cell Biology
• Mitosis
• Meiosis
• Mitosis vs. Meiosis
• Cellular Respiration
Cellular Respiration vs. Photosynthesis

Physical Science
• Density
• Solubility
• Temperature
Carbon Dating
Newton’s Laws

Earth and Space Science
• Sustainability
• Climate Change
Outer Space

Short Answer
Short Answer: Science
• Short Answer Practice – Slurry Accident – Questions
• Short Answer Practice – Slurry Accident – Answers
• Short Answer Practice – Antimicrobial Drug Resistance – Questions
• Short Answer Practice – Antimicrobial Drug Resistance – Answers
• Short Answer Practice – Carbon Sequestration – Questions
• Short Answer Practice – Carbon Sequestration – Answers

Science Practice Tests
• Science Practice Test: GED Testing Service
Science Practice Test: – Questions
Science Practice Test: – Answers

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  1. Melinda says:

    Thank you so much! Your information is incredible!! I am currently working with a student who will be taking the science exam, but has been having difficulty answering questions that use scientific diagrams, tables, and presentations. I couldn’t finding the types of questions he needed to practice, but your site saved us. I know my student will improve his score by using your resources.


  2. Shirley Butts says:

    I stumbled arouse this site by mistake, but i am glad i did because i am struggling to pass the GED test and would like to get more details!!!!


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