Social Studies


Detailed information about the Social Studies module can be obtained via the GED Testing Service and its MyGED program.

Running 70 minutes (without a break), Social Studies consists of only one section.

Social Studies tests the following skills:
(1) Knowledge of content areas:
• Civics and Government (50%)
• U.S. history (20%)
• Economics (15%)
• Geography and the World (15%)
(2) Ability to read, understand, and interpret social studies-related texts.
(3) Problem-solving abilities in social studies-related situations.

Like Reasoning Through Language Arts, Social Studies emphasizes reading comprehension.  The reading passages are usually shorter, however, and can be associated with graphs, charts, maps, and cartoons.  In general terms, the reading delves into the themes of democracy and other social systems.

Although some background information is helpful, your ability to comprehend the essentials—Main Idea, DetailInference—from what you are given to read is more important for answering questions than tapping into an encyclopedic memory.

In essence, you are being tested on your ability to read, reason, and think things through.

The TI-30XS MultiView Calculator, the official on-screen calculator of the GED, might be needed for some questions on the Social Studies test.  As a supplement to the on-screen calculator, you should bring your own handheld calculator for use in the test.  Like the
on-screen calculator, your handheld calculator must be a TI-30XS Multiview Scientific Calculator.  No other brand of handheld calculator is allowed.

You should purchase the TI-30XS MultiView Calculator for practicing and studying prior to the test.  The TI-30XS MultiView Calculator is available for under $20.00 from many vendors, including AmazonBest BuyOffice DepotStaples, and Walmart, to name a few.

Civics and Government
Declaration of Independence
Bill of Rights

United States History
American History Timeline
• Native American History
• African American History
• American Women’s History
• War

• Inflation
• Business Cycle
Supply and Demand
• Capitalism vs. Communism

Geography and the World
• Sustainability
• Climate Change
United Nations

Social Studies Practice Tests
• SS Practice Test: GED Testing Service
SS Practice Test: – Questions
SS Practice Test: – Answers

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