Reasoning Through Language Arts


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The Reasoning Through Language Arts test runs 150 minutes for approximately 45 to 50 questions and is given as follows:
Section I
• 35 minutes
• content: reading and language
Section II
• 45 minutes
• content: extended response (essay)
• “scratch paper” in the form of a marker with a wipe-off board provided

• 10 minutes
Section III

• 60 minutes
• content: reading and language

A passing score is 145 (out of 200).

A reading passage is several paragraphs of reading material.  Not surprisingly, the Reasoning Through Language Arts test places a lot of emphasis on comprehension of reading passages.  Your ability to understand what you have been given to read is more important for answering questions than tapping into an encyclopedic memory.

Some questions unrelated to reading passages are set aside for testing language proficiency, including grammar.

Reasoning Through Language Arts also tests for the ability to integrate reading and writing by way of a 45-minute Extended Response.


reading skills practice –
study guide – english
study guide – spanish
Sample Test
GED Ready Test
Facts and Figures
See Study Materials for more.

 Three Key Questions
 Main Idea
 How to Follow a Reading Passage
Reading Passage Practice – Missing Devices
 Reading Passage Practice – Great Expectations
 Reading Passage Practice – Elder Abuse

 Sentence Structure
 Subject-Verb Agreement
 Verb-Verb Agreement
 Dangling Modifiers
 Confusing Words

Extended Response
 Extended Response: Example 1
 Extended Response: Example 2
 Extended Response: Example 3

Reasoning Through Language Arts Practice Tests
Sample Test (
GED Ready Test (
Extra RLA Questions
Extra RLA Answers

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