Examsmanship = What To Do When You Get Stuck

Congratulate Yourself

When you take a test, it’s normal to feel anxious, frozen, or just plain stuck.  Congratulate yourself for being normal.


Visualize yourself studying.  In the midst of taking the GED, you will be reenacting the studying and problem-solving you did in a quiet place.  You will just be at a different desk.  By visualizing, you will see that you’ve done it before and you can do it again.

Process of Elimination

You will usually be given choices A, B, C, and D for possible answers.  When you are unsure of the answer, eliminate choices that are obviously wrong. For example, if A and B are obviously wrong, eliminate A and B.  Then go with your best hunch to choose your answer from C and D.


There is no penalty for a wrong answer on the GED; therefore, you should answer every question.  For questions in which you must guess, use the same letter for your guessing answers throughout the test.  For example, if you guess by using only the letter C, some of your answers are likely to be correct; if you guess randomly with the letters A, B, C, and D, you reduce the likelihood some of your answers will be correct.

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