Extended Response: Example 3

Extended Response: Example 3


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Extended Response: Example 2

Extended Response: Example 2
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Extended Response: Example 1

Extended Response: Example 1
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Extra RLA Answers

Extra RLA Answers
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Extra RLA Questions

Extra RLA Questions
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Verb-Verb Agreement

The dog walks, sniffs, and barks.

The dog walked, sniffed, and barked.

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Reading Passage Practice – Elder Abuse

Reading Passage Practice - Elder Abuse
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Reading Passage Practice – Great Expectations

Reading Passage Practice - Great Expectations

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Reading Passage Practice – Missing Devices

Reading Passage Practicee - Missing Devices
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The meaning of a word can be inferred from its context.

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Inference asks:  What can you infer from what you just read?

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Detail asks:  What is a detail of what you just read?

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Main Idea

Main Idea asks:  What is the main idea of what you just read?

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How to Follow a Reading Passage


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Dangling Modifiers

Wrong:  Having finished shopping, the grocery list had no more use.

Right:  Having finished shopping, I had no more use for the grocery list.

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He spoke to us.

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Mr. and Mrs. John Doe visited Waterloo, Iowa.

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Confusing Words




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.          ,          ;          :          ’          ”          !          ?

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Subject-Verb Agreement

The dog barks.

The dogs bark.

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Sentence Structure

Subject     Verb
Bob              ate.

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Reading Comprehension: Three Key Questions

Reading Comprehension = Main Idea + Detail + Inference

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